Mandela Effect

By now you have probably heard about the Mandela effect, even non believers admit something is not right they just assume that its people’s memory. Not the actual timeline of history. I am going to share a couple of my own mandela experiences and my new discovery using google trends.

If you don’t know already, Google trends tracks what people all over the world are searching about and compiles it into easy to read charts. With this information you can compare different but similar things, find out what people are interested in or are no longer interested. It is useful for businesses, science, study groups and researchers. anyone wanting to try it out can find it by typing Google trends into your search.

Ok, Back to My experience. I have a stamp collection. In this contains stamps from all over the world. I have many countries but had lost my American stamps and thus lost interest in my stamps. They went into a plastic tote tucked away in a closet. Until, I GOT MY AMERICAN STAMPS BACK! I type this in all caps because i considered them lost for years until one day i thought about it and also having a revitalized belief in manifestation decided I would manifest them back to me. And lo and behold I did! That however is a story for a different time. So anyway, I’m looking at my stamps getting reaquainted when an old 1950s air mail stamp catches my attention. The airplane looks off somehow. Is this a misprint? No it wasn’t but the air plane definitely seems off to me.  I shrug it off and continue on with my stamps.

Fast forward to About a Month later. I am watching videos on youtube and see one about the Mandela effect. I had heard about it was hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole yet. This is when i saw the airplane mandela theory! about airplanes being different than people remember. It definitely struck a chord. Now i want you to picture any commercial aircraft in your mind, The body, The wings, the engines. Now in your mind where are those engines placed? What is the position are they in under the wing? Got a clear picture?

Now Look at these. (i just did a search of commercial aircraft)Fewer deliveries causes Boeing Commercial Airplanes decline

Does this look right to you?

Air India future A320neo operator

Notice the forward positioning of the engine. Almost looks flipped from what i remember.

Boeing 787-9 at the Farnborough International Airshow 2014 ...

I remember the engine being under the wing centered. what do you remember?

Commercial Aircraft Deluxe 2018 Wall Calendar

This really look right?

Let Me know In the comments what you remember.

Next I will going back to The whole thing on google trends and my other personal Mandela experience having to do with our eyes, or rather eye sockets.



Actually written by Raysha.


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